Serving the central valley since 1986.
      Connie Lorz EA
      Professional Services:
Let us solve your business and tax needs.
Over 25 years experience as:
  • Professional business person.
  • Corporate controller.
  • Payroll manager.
  • CSEA California president 2002-2003.
  • Member of California Society of Enrolled Agents from 1990-present.
  • Tax filings for all states and territories.
  • Divorce, Separation and tax filing questions.
  • IRS audit Representation.
  • Payroll.

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Business Consulting and Setup

Are you starting up a new business?

Don't question should I?, can I? how about?  QBS has assisted many new startup companies.  Some have failed, others succeed, but you can be sure that a qualified expert is on your side.  Don't be shy to ask questions, have her honesty be on your side, all you have to lose is your business if you don't! 


Having over 25 years experience in bookkeeping, QBS has experience in the latest programs from QuickBooks, to her own professional  accountancy program from Snow-Soft .  Accounting can be a complicated issue, raising may questions, get the right answer from QBS.  She has provided her expertise to investment firms, private investors, business establishments such as cocktail lounges, restaurants, independently owned grocery stores, retail stores, salons, trucking industry, insurance agencies, volunteer fire stations, plus more. 

It can be a tedious task to understand the interface of bookkeeping and taxes, having QBS may solve many of your problems.

Payroll, Commissions

Problems with payroll, commissions?

Let QBS help.  QBS has over 25 years of combined experience in payroll and human resources.  For over 10 years has served as corporate controller for a   communication,, responsible for payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation of all required tax returns, W's, 1099's and quarterly payroll reports.  Previous experience as a payroll and accounting manager for several several hi-tech corporation within silicon valley.   Let QBS assist you in your payroll needs and advice.

Membership Management

Let QBS take the accounting out of your membership management?

Membership management could create many problems.  We can track, and help you with your budgets.  QBS has an exclusive membership computer program that may track the billing, collections, and membership data, even with photos !  Membership may be collected as a group, families, or individuals.  Statistical data may be kept on the members attendance, and donations, and status.  Many more features are available.  Call Connie for a demonstration.

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Tax Planning, Preparation, Representation

Having tax woes, call an EA. professional.

You know want taxes are, but what is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled Agents are licensed by the federal government, and are authorized to appear in place of you, the taxpayer, to all levels of the Internal Revenue Service.  This Enrollment dates back to 1884, when Congress acted to regulate the persons who represented citizens in their dealings with the Treasury Department.

What exactly do Enrolled Agents do?

Unlike attorneys or CPA's, Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation.  Throughout the year, they advise, represent and prepare tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts and other entities with tax-reporting requirements.   Enrolled Agents' expertise in the constantly changing field of tax law enables them to represent the taxpayer audited by the IRS.

How do Enrolled Agents differ from other tax experts?

EAs are the only practitioners who have demonstrated competence specifically in matters of taxation.  Also, they are the only representatives for taxpayers who receive that right from the U.S. government.  Where as CPAs and attorneys are licensed bye the state.

Let Quality Business Service tackle your tax problems from the beginning to the end.   With over 25 years of experience, we can help assist you from your daily bookkeeping needs, to tax preparation.  Already having IRS woes, we can represent you and help you to a healthy new tax problem free life.

For more information on Enrolled Agents you may contact:

California Society of Enrolled Agents
3200 Ramos Circle
Sacramento, Ca 95827
Ph: 916-366-6646

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